Masterclass – Start your own clothing brand

It’s time to start with your own brand

The Masterclass: Start your own clothing brand is an interactive session in which our expert coaches will show you how to lay the perfect foundation for your starting clothing brand.

The last thing you want to do is spend weeks to months researching the internet to end up building a business on hundreds of different opinions. We will help you cut through the noise and give you the exact guidance you need to start your own clothing line.

The session starts by covering the absolute basics and ends two and a half to three hours later with a Q&A in which our experienced coaches will be giving their secret tips and tricks on making it in the competitive fashion industry.

Upon finishing the Masterclass you will receive your certificate of completion and lifetime access to some of the tools and templates mentioned during the session.

BONUS Templates included in the masterclass

  • €50 coupon when ordering clothing at Merchandise Essentials
  • Customer blueprint
  • Business model canvas
  • Pro pricing calculator

Grouped Masterclasses take place at our HQ in Hof Ter Weze 5, 8800 Roeselare, Belgium.

Privately booked Masterclasses can either take place in our HQ or via Google Meet / Skype.

Privately booked masterclasses for businesses can take place in our HQ or your business

4 reviews for Masterclass – Start your own clothing brand

  1. Sylvie Mertens

    I followed this course together with my partner. A tremendously instructive experience for both of us. We’re now completely ready to get started with our clothing brand!

  2. Nico Vangrunderbeeck

    Friendly welcome, helpful, excellent service and plenty of information and tips. Especially recommended for beginners who want to start their own clothing brand

  3. Aline Timmermans

    I wanted to start my own business since forever. But where do you start? Immediately I nocticed that I had so many questions on which I didn’t know how to resolve them. Quite by accident I met Storelaunchers. I didn’t had to think long if I wanted to follow the masterclass. After the general presentation, all the questions I had were discussed and I finally had a clear and concrete answer that would get me started in the business.
    The Masterclass is highly recommended for every starter!

  4. Robbe decaesstekker

    For a while I had been thinking about putting a clothing line on the market. Once I got started, it turned out to be not that simple. This masterclass gave me a huge boost in the right direction. Now I have a clear picture of what I want to do and how I can achieve this. Thanks for all the great info!

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