Masterclass – Selling in stores

How do you even get in touch with store owners?

This Masterclass Pro: Selling in stores is an interactive session that will give you the shortcut you need to get your clothing in stores in no time.

Getting an appointment with a store owner is one thing. Actually getting your products in the store and keeping them there is something else. Did you even think about pricing yet?

Our coaches will guide you through this one to two hour session while giving you the information and background you need to convince even the most experienced buyers.

Upon finishing the Masterclass you will receive your certificate of completion and lifetime access to some of the tools and templates mentioned during the session.


  • Wholesale pricing calculator
  • Linesheet template

Grouped Masterclasses take place at our HQ in Hof Ter Weze 5, 8800 Roeselare, Belgium.

Privately booked Masterclasses can either take place in our HQ or via Google Meet / Skype.

Privately booked masterclasses for businesses can also take place in the offices of said businesses.


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