Masterclass Pro – Email Marketing

Emailing is more efficient than social media advertizing.

This Masterclass Pro: Email Marketing is a hands on session on the ins and outs, do’s and don’ts of successful email marketing campaigns.

A lot of people think that paid social media advertising is the way to go these days. Connect a credit card, set a target audience and launch a few ads. People might like something, some might even leave a comment and others might even buy your product.
But you won’t have a clue as to why they did or why they did not buy your clothing.

That’s why our expert marketeers will show you how much more sales you can get out of email campaigns. And even better, how much valuable info email marketing can give you on your customers and products.

Upon finishing the Masterclass you will receive your certificate of completion.


Grouped Masterclasses take place at our HQ in Hof Ter Weze 5, 8800 Roeselare, Belgium.

Privately booked Masterclasses can either take place in our HQ or via Google Meet / Skype.

Privately booked masterclasses for businesses can also take place in the offices of said businesses.


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